Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why? Why? Why?

I was with my mum having dinner at a restaurant the other day. A little girl next to our table caught our attention when she started asking (in mandarin): "why this is spicy? Why do u need plate? Why? Why? Why?"

Mum and I laughed because this little one so adorable. ;) As usual, me being me...jokingly asked mum: "was I that annoying when I was young? What did I ask?? How about sis?"

Mum answer amused me..."ur sis asked tonnes of questions...just like the little gal." She continued: " you only asked about music stuff...who sang this song? When can I get a piano. I want my piano" "Is hard to keep ur sister quiet when tired of answering her questions...for u, easy...just turn on the music and sesame streets...u will sit quietly whole day"

Haha....thanks to the little gal. I found out things which I did when I was a lot more younger. ;)

How about yours?

Sunday, June 08, 2014

我, 不好爱

我, 不好爱。
外像开心果的我, 内心不容易燃烧爱的火花。

但,我仍然相信“爱” 无所不在。




2014年的我 (笔)

Friday, December 28, 2012

N3xt Year (2013)

Lovely Diary received during Christmas

Well...21st December 2012 has passed (safely) Time to trash out those rubbish collected in 2012 and plan for 2013.

What's my plan? Work harder, aim for more money, family, looking for a husband (hahaha...ok, i'm serious), involve more in charity and travelling. That's all i can think off for now.

God has been taking care of me quite well in 2012. Most stuffs I've listed in my wish list achieved some how and I'm feeling good about it. ^_^ Nonetheless, there are bad times as well. Felt betrayed and back stabbed at some point, but i guess that's part of the learning process to be a better person through suffering. Being forgive and forget makes one happier isnt it? lol.

The phil choir did the christmas song "Christmas is the best time of the year"..i totally agree about it. As we are entering 2013, I'm having quality time with some (but not all) of my best friends and family who are back from overseas. Those still out there...hope to see u all soon.

Happy new year ppl !! Those who have planned...pray that you achieve in many ways. For those who are uncertain, hope the road gets clearer as you walk further.

As written in one of the book i've read, "Trust the Universe. Trust and believe and have faith. Take the first step in faith, trust the two hundred feet infront of you and the following road will keep unfold to you."

Cheers and signing off from 2012!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012




Sunday, June 03, 2012

Recollection of my journey with The Phil Family towards MM4

"Doe a deer, A female deer...Ray...A drop of golden sun..." "Thank you for the music, a songs i'm singing...."

It kept reciting in my mind over and over again for the past one hour...more precisely, ever since the very day I know that "The Phil" is going to perform in MM4.

It has been a great journey throughout the past 3months for me of having to know a group of people all ages with so much passion on singing....Not just about singing, but rather to sing together as a community, a family and reaching out to do more in charity.

Yes, charity...something i've pledge to do most this year. (But i guess i'll skip this part) ;p

How should I start this...hmmm....When I stepped into the rehearsal room for the first time, this group of people were total strangers to me. All I know is that they were there to sing. Cecilia was the first who came to me. We had a small chat which has given me a little sense of belonging. Lol!

Then Vyonne joined. Oh! Finally, I feel more comfortable having someone I know of in the rehearsal with me. Should I say unfortunately? haha...we ended up sitting directly opposite to each other in the rehearsal room.

Week after week, I befriended more. Every rehearsal just like a family reunion, when we were not singing, we all became chatty pots.(Really salute Cheryl great patience sometimes.. ;p) Here are some of the people I'm more familiar with.
Vyonne - A good friend for a year now. We knew each other from a group of gym friends when we started visiting orphanage & old folks homes.

Kelly Chen - my partner (not in crime of course!). We clicked to each other almost immediately. If one is observance enough will know we both glued together all the time.

Swee Chin & Morina - Practically twins. Both make me smile and laugh whenever they are around.

Poh Lin & Callista - haha...I got to know their names by heart after an embarrassing incident.
One find evening I walked straight to Callista with total confident and said : "Hi, I wrote u an email last night about the invites. Do you remember?"
Callista looked blank at me :" You sure you looking for me?? "
opppss..Me :" You are not Poh Lin oh?"

Vivien & Mey Hoon - Being the newbies, we shared the same excitement in how we found "The Phil".

There are many more to write but is getting too long on this post. In short, many I've know them by names and there are still I can only remember by face. MM4 has just ended, is not the end but is the beginning of another great journey ahead.

The entire week before the show was awesome. Is kinda nice to rest my feet at home, but I can't wait to get up again to do more rehearsal soon with you guys. ^_^ Is a blessing from God that I found "The Phil" and get to do what I love most, to sing.

                               (some of the girls in Soprano)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Updates - Part 1

I've not been writing much this year...ha! too many things happened too fast. New Year, Chinese New Year, my birthday, resignation, The Phil Society Singing & more.

Yup, I joined Phil...I've been wanting to do this for very long time but wasnt able to find the right channel and get myself into singing group. With God Grace...I found Phil last October via FB. Ha! I didn't manage to join last season and it was near misses from the orientation. Then, 2nd chance came when they announced again via FB page they recruiting for 2012.

If someone ask : "what so special bout it?". Well...dono. I think is more like when I'm near to music, there's where my heart belongs. This is my 5th wk with them, the experience just simply amazing. People from walks of life, diff religions, races & ages come together just to share their voices. 4parts, sometimes 5...These people just embrace the gift from God..."Music".

Ha! Pretty much of talking here...I dono how long i will sustain at one place (knowing myself likes to move around & do different stuff ;p) But i guess i shouldnt start thinking when is the end. I have it now, I should enjoy it. This is a good chance to know myself or construction? ;p

to be continue........

Sunday, January 08, 2012

2012 Pledge

My 2012 Pledge...spend more time on charity work & be selfless.