Friday, December 28, 2012

N3xt Year (2013)

Lovely Diary received during Christmas

Well...21st December 2012 has passed (safely) Time to trash out those rubbish collected in 2012 and plan for 2013.

What's my plan? Work harder, aim for more money, family, looking for a husband (hahaha...ok, i'm serious), involve more in charity and travelling. That's all i can think off for now.

God has been taking care of me quite well in 2012. Most stuffs I've listed in my wish list achieved some how and I'm feeling good about it. ^_^ Nonetheless, there are bad times as well. Felt betrayed and back stabbed at some point, but i guess that's part of the learning process to be a better person through suffering. Being forgive and forget makes one happier isnt it? lol.

The phil choir did the christmas song "Christmas is the best time of the year"..i totally agree about it. As we are entering 2013, I'm having quality time with some (but not all) of my best friends and family who are back from overseas. Those still out there...hope to see u all soon.

Happy new year ppl !! Those who have planned...pray that you achieve in many ways. For those who are uncertain, hope the road gets clearer as you walk further.

As written in one of the book i've read, "Trust the Universe. Trust and believe and have faith. Take the first step in faith, trust the two hundred feet infront of you and the following road will keep unfold to you."

Cheers and signing off from 2012!!

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