Thursday, January 07, 2016

My thoughts

It is weird that one would think that you are fake when u treat them slightly better.

I travelled in a bus with a couple arguing last night. The conversation was loud and clear for everyone to listen. Apparently the girl in depression treatment, everything the guy said and done annoyed her so much till she slap him. She shouted: "you not real, you bitch".

 What caught my attention was the guy...I admired his patient despite the girl created such a scene in public. He repeatedly told her : "all I want is be with you and make sure you are ok."

I get that sometimes when people think I've overly friendly and helpful. I got feedback thinking I'm pleasing people unnecessarily, any motive behind??....but then again, what stop us from being friendly and helpful?

Sometimes I get frustrated too when I've been judge of being fake, but I don't like to explain. I don't think much when I treat one well especially those I love and care..I just do it. Ironically, some of those closest are those think of me this way.

Is sad to see how little faith and trust people have between each other in today's world. But I trust in time and God will show us way to become better. Sorry mates please don't think I've motive, nothing change. I like to do things and go all out for u guys with one simple thing in mind...Love.

Happy New Year 2016.