Sunday, June 03, 2012

Recollection of my journey with The Phil Family towards MM4

"Doe a deer, A female deer...Ray...A drop of golden sun..." "Thank you for the music, a songs i'm singing...."

It kept reciting in my mind over and over again for the past one hour...more precisely, ever since the very day I know that "The Phil" is going to perform in MM4.

It has been a great journey throughout the past 3months for me of having to know a group of people all ages with so much passion on singing....Not just about singing, but rather to sing together as a community, a family and reaching out to do more in charity.

Yes, charity...something i've pledge to do most this year. (But i guess i'll skip this part) ;p

How should I start this...hmmm....When I stepped into the rehearsal room for the first time, this group of people were total strangers to me. All I know is that they were there to sing. Cecilia was the first who came to me. We had a small chat which has given me a little sense of belonging. Lol!

Then Vyonne joined. Oh! Finally, I feel more comfortable having someone I know of in the rehearsal with me. Should I say unfortunately? haha...we ended up sitting directly opposite to each other in the rehearsal room.

Week after week, I befriended more. Every rehearsal just like a family reunion, when we were not singing, we all became chatty pots.(Really salute Cheryl great patience sometimes.. ;p) Here are some of the people I'm more familiar with.
Vyonne - A good friend for a year now. We knew each other from a group of gym friends when we started visiting orphanage & old folks homes.

Kelly Chen - my partner (not in crime of course!). We clicked to each other almost immediately. If one is observance enough will know we both glued together all the time.

Swee Chin & Morina - Practically twins. Both make me smile and laugh whenever they are around.

Poh Lin & Callista - haha...I got to know their names by heart after an embarrassing incident.
One find evening I walked straight to Callista with total confident and said : "Hi, I wrote u an email last night about the invites. Do you remember?"
Callista looked blank at me :" You sure you looking for me?? "
opppss..Me :" You are not Poh Lin oh?"

Vivien & Mey Hoon - Being the newbies, we shared the same excitement in how we found "The Phil".

There are many more to write but is getting too long on this post. In short, many I've know them by names and there are still I can only remember by face. MM4 has just ended, is not the end but is the beginning of another great journey ahead.

The entire week before the show was awesome. Is kinda nice to rest my feet at home, but I can't wait to get up again to do more rehearsal soon with you guys. ^_^ Is a blessing from God that I found "The Phil" and get to do what I love most, to sing.

                               (some of the girls in Soprano)


Empress said...

Woohoo! Glad you've enjoyed yourself! See you at the cast party and for the next session of craziness!

feifeipinky said...

haha...ya! cant wait for the party. ;p

Cecilia Wong said...

Ooooooo... I'm so glad to be the first to have greeted you in class!!! May we have many more years together in this class, doing what we all love most, to SING our hearts out!!!! See you at class party today!!